Gresham, Oregon


    Democrats: 42%
    Republicans: 33%
    Independents: 25%

    May 18, 2010
    (Primary Election)

    November 2, 2010
    (General Election)

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Tuesday, November 9, 2010
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“I have fought the good fight. I have finished the race. I have kept the faith.” – 2 Timothy 4.7.

It was almost exactly a year ago when I launched my campaign to serve Oregon’s District 50 as a state representative. Many of you were there.

I declared my campaign was going to be a tribute to three things: The promise and majesty of Oregon, the principle of reverence in government, and the memory of my father, Newcombe.

Political campaigns are relentless endeavors. But I’m proud to say that our campaign was indeed a tribute to all three. Election day, November 2nd, would have been my dad’s 71st birthday. I know he would have been proud of the way we went out there every day meeting the voters and giving Andre for Oregon fortune cookies to everyone in Gresham.

Over the last year, I literally met thousands of people. I was humbled to discover we all have the same devotion to Oregon that makes this the greatest place on earth. Yet the greatest blessing was all the friends that I made that believed in the cause and jumped into this race with me.

I cannot thank enough everyone that supported this campaign, from near and far. Whether you donated, canvassed a neighborhood, displayed a yard sign or a bumper sticker, or offered words of encouragement, you made this endeavor worth it. I will forever be grateful.

Oregon is a special place. The community of Gresham is even more so. And the best days for both are yet ahead.

Thank you for the opportunity to be a contender in the most noble arena of public service. It was the honor of my life.


The Video Collection

Wednesday, October 27, 2010
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Andre Wang – The Reset Button

Andre Wang – The Legacy

Tuesday, October 26, 2010
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Show your support for Oregon’s next governor and
House District 50’s next state representative!

Chris Dudley and Andre Wang

Chris Dudley and Andre Wang Meet and Greet

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

6 p.m.

Heidi’s of Gresham

1230 NE Cleveland Ave.

Special Event

Thursday, October 21, 2010
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Please join Andre and his supporters for a special evening of drinks and hors d’oeuvres

to kick off the final countdown to the election!

One Week to the Election Kickoff Event

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

6 – 9 p.m.

Vintner’s Cellars
Happy Valley Town Center

SE 157th and SE Sunnyside Road

$25 contribution to the Andre for Oregon PAC (#14009).
Andre will play his violin for additional contributions!

Gov. Vic Atiyeh and Chris Dudley Endorse Wang

Wednesday, September 29, 2010
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Former Oregon Governor Vic Atiyeh and gubernatorial candidate Chris Dudley have offered their endorsements of Andre Wang for state representative in Oregon’s House District 50.

Their endorsements came as political campaigns kicked into high-gear after the Labor Day weekend.

“I am deeply honored to receive the support of Governor Atiyeh and Chris Dudley,” Wang said. “These endorsements recognize that I am proud to be part of Oregon’s comeback.”

Wang joins Dudley in his support for an economic comeback in Oregon that puts a high priority on education. “I value that Chris Dudley has specific, detailed plans for both education and the economy, plans which will guide us back to the Oregon we remember and still believe in.”

Particularly poignant is the endorsement from Governor Atiyeh, who served two terms as Oregon’s governor from 1979 to 1987. At age eight, Wang had his picture taken with the governor, a photo which hangs on Wang’s wall to this day.

Atiyeh and Andre

Wang with his two political heroes in 1980: Gov. Vic Atiyeh and Wang's father, Newcombe.

Just In: Dudley Endorses Wang

Wednesday, September 8, 2010
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Thoughts from Andre: East County Business Tour

Friday, September 3, 2010
posted by Andre

Bess Wills discusses the state of business with Jim Huffman.

I visited several businesses in my district on Wednesday, August 25, and I have to say, the experience was truly enlightening. Not only is it great to see our valuable businesses in person, it’s eye-opening to hear from owners and managers exactly how government programs are actually hurting our community and families, right here in District 50.

Touring with Jim Huffman, Oregon Republican candidate for U.S. Senate, was a special privilege. It felt a bit like a reunion: Jim was my law school dean at Lewis and Clark College’s Northwestern School of Law and, to this day, I still call him “Dean.”

We started our day with the management team of Weston Dealerships, including brothers and senior executives Jan and Jay Weston. During the hour-long meeting, the focus quickly became the federal government’s impact on their business.

A major example was “Cash for Clunkers,” a program designed by the federal government to increase U.S. automotive sales. Though the program did spike sales temporarily, it actually created a disaster with two unintended consequences.

First, because of the surge of older cars being traded in and the piles of paperwork the federal government required the dealership to file, Weston actually suffered a net loss from Cash for Clunkers—a big hit for a local, family-owned business.

But the impact on the district was the most compelling since families—especially those most in need—were directly affected. Cash for Clunkers required the dealerships to completely destroy the engines of the clunkers that were turned in. Weston took in a couple hundred of these cars, about half of which were truly decent, re-sellable cars. Other car dealerships were doing likewise, and suddenly low-income people who needed an affordable car couldn’t find one. They were instantly priced out of the market during really tough economic times.

Overall, the conversation centered on the proper role of government in business. Too many of our elected officials have lost sight of a fundamental principle: Government should be creating a favorable business climate so our neighborhood businesses can thrive, grow and create more jobs. Oregon’s legislature needs to stand up for our local businesses, even in the face of federal pressure to comply with policies that ultimately harm our district’s working families.

After visiting at Weston, Jim and I went to Gresham Ford, where I was excited to meet with Bess Wills, owner and general manager, and her son, Preston Wills, sales manager. Bess is a certifiably beloved community leader in Gresham, and she’s not one to mince words. She wasted no time in sharing how the government is impact her business negatively.

Bess produced binders of financial statements that showed, in black and white, how the current level of taxation is crippling her business. She spoke with emotion about how much she wants to protect her 54 employees and how she cares about the families that those people represent, but big government is making that more and more difficult every year.

Another big impact to her business came from the passing of Measure 67. This measure allows Oregon to tax businesses not on their profits but on their revenue. That’s devastating for a high-volume, low-margin business like a car dealership. Thanks to Measure 67, even if the dealership suffers a major loss this year, it will be taxed heartily. Talk about hitting you when you’re down!  This tax plan is a great way to shutter businesses and lose jobs in our district, and we just can’t afford that right now. Our people depend on these jobs!

Bess is also frustrated with how elected officials, at all levels of government, lose interested in being responsive once they are elected. She implored both Jim and me to communicate with our constituents and respond meaningfully when called, instead of throwing out generic responses. I absolutely agree!

It’s easy to make jokes about car dealers, but meeting with Bess reminds me of what an important role they play in the economics of our district. Gresham Ford provides products and services that our community wants and needs and hires our local people to do it. It’s essential to our economic future that we help our local employers thrive!

After lunch with the mayors of Troutdale and Wood Village, as well as local residents and city councilors, we moved on to the newly opened FedEx facility in Troutdale.  Formerly the Alcoa/Reynolds Aluminum plant, this 400,000-square-foot facility become operational only two weeks ago. Hub manager Rob Brigham toured us through an intricate network of conveyors and chutes as packages whizzed by at 30 mph. Once FedEx operations on Swan Island are consolidated to the Troutdale facility, we’ll have 400 employees here. What a boon for east Multnomah County!

It was great to end the day with a vision of how our community will enjoy greater prosperity if we implement policies that encourage businesses move to or open in our district and create new and better jobs for our struggling families.

With that prosperity comes all the things we want for our community, from greater public safety and personal security to the best public education, services and programs.

That’s my goal. Will you join me?

Andre (right) takes a closer look at FedEx's Gresham operations.

Wang Draws Bipartisan Support in House District 50 Race

Tuesday, August 17, 2010
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Gresham city councilor Richard Strathern has endorsed Republican Andre Wang for state representative in Oregon House District 50.

Strathern, a Democrat, believes this election is bigger than any political party. “Oregon is at a crossroads,” Strathern said. “This state’s economy and job forecast can’t improve if we continue to tax and spend at record levels. Andre understands that reality and supports the kind of fiscal discipline Salem needs to return our state to prosperity.”

“I really appreciate Councilor Strathern’s support,” Wang said. “I look forward to working with Gresham’s residents, businesses and leaders to strengthen our local economy and bring a pro-job-creation vision to east Multnomah County.”

Strathern, who has served on the Gresham city council since 2007 and as council president in 2009, hopes others in Gresham will support Wang’s campaign as well. “I encourage my Gresham neighbors to join me in supporting Andre’s candidacy because he will fairly represent the will of Gresham residents and businesses in the legislature.”

Oregon Farm Bureau Endorses Andre Wang

Friday, June 25, 2010
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Andre Wang, Republican candidate for Oregon House District 50, received the Oregon Farm Bureau’s endorsement in recognition of his “outreach and understanding of the issues important to Oregon’s family farmers and ranchers and rural communities,” according to Barry Bushue, OFB president.

Wang welcomes the endorsement, particularly for his district, which blends urban, suburban and rural areas. “Too often, rural and agricultural concerns are overshadowed by ‘Portland’ issues,” Wang says.

Agriculture makes up more than 10 percent of Oregon’s job market, according to a 2008 study by Oregon State University. “As we work toward Oregon’s job-market recovery, we can’t ignore this valuable segment of our state’s economy,” Wang explains. “I look forward to being an advocate for Oregon’s agricultural issues in the legislature.”


Monday, June 7, 2010
posted by Andre

REAGAN BRIAN KAN-LE WANG was born on June 5, 2010, at 7:13 p.m. at Adventist Medical Center. Overdue by a week, he weighed in at 9 lbs. 9 oz.

Reagan is the son of Andre and Lisa Wang. Andre Wang is the Republican nominee for state representative in Oregon House District 50, which encompasses neighborhoods in Gresham, Ore.

After the elder Wang severed his son’s umbilical cord, Reagan immediately convened a press conference to endorse his father.

“Now that we’re past the primary election, I’m coming out to support my daddy’s campaign for state representative because this race is about our future for me and my big sister, Holland,” said the younger Wang.

“I’ll go door to door, work the phones, let strangers kiss me,” he promised. “Whatever it takes to spread daddy’s message of restoring Oregon to prosperity.”

Citing Oregon’s constitutional requirement that state legislators be 21 years old, Reagan Wang conceded, “I’d run for the legislature myself, but I’m not old enough.” According to anonymous hospital sources, Reagan studied copies of both federal and state constitutions while in utero.

“I’m honored to have secured this precious endorsement,” said Andre Wang, while holding his newest supporter. “I pledge to live up to my son’s high expectations and work hard to give my children an Oregon full of opportunity and promise.”

At the conclusion of the press conference, Reagan soiled his diaper and went to sleep.Wang Family Welcomes Baby Reagan